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Collect, Clean, Analyze, Model, Visualize, Predict. Rinse and Repeat.

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I have the skillset of a pretty awesome data scientist. From my analytical prowess to my desire to solve complex problems, I have been honing my skills to help businesses make better, data-driven decisions.

Whether it’s placing in a Data Science competition or cleaning up 5000 csv’s for analysis, I have the determination to finish the projects I start.

My experience with design comes in handy here as well. I have years of experience with graphic design from posters to websites and am usually a first-call when my colleagues need help prettifying their work.

I am eager to see where my previous experience training machine learning models can help businesses make better decisions to promote sales and hopefully do some good in the world.

Two skills that set me apart from the rest:

  1. I am an amazing communicator and have years of experience working with clients in a kind and understanding way.
  2. I have an uncanny drive to continually learn new things. You know how sharks can’t stop moving? I can’t stop learning. I love to stay up to date with my industry.

Check out my Portfolio:

In 2020 I completed a self-paced certification with DataCamp Completed coursework includes:

  • Python (pandas, numpy, matplotlib, Seaborn, scikitlearn)
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning with scikit-learn
  • Data Manipulation and Joining Data in both Python and SQL
  • Data manipulation with PostgresSQL, summary stats, window functions
  • ¬†Python Data Science Toolbox: iterators generators and comprehension
  • Importing Data in Python (from local and web APIs)
  • Multivariate regressions
  • Cleaning data through data type conversions, range constraints, NaN’s, categorical/text problems, and merging data
  • EDA and Statistical thinking

Data-related projects up on my GitHub repositories.

Jupyter Projects