Meet Kirsten Hoogenakker – developer, innovator, life-long learner.

There is nothing I love more than a good problem to solve. I’m always on the hunt for my next endeavor – from setting personal bests on my bike to learning new coding languages nothing is too big or scary for me to tackle.

Jack of All Trades

Over the years I’ve racked up an exhaustive list of traits and skills which is a testament to my most valuable quality: a willingness to learn. Here’s a quick rundown of the skills I’ve been honing over the past year:

laptop on the desk

I started Techiki in 2016 after a friend asked me to help with her website. I really enjoyed the process and design. Before I knew it, I was craving time to code and iterate through product design cycles. Recently, I’ve been digging how I can support easier and more efficient decision-making through data science.

robot with googly eyes

I’ve taught science subjects ranging from chemistry to biomedical science since 2013. My current teaching focus is engineering and robotics. I’ve taken teams to global events in Germany, Qatar and Japan; where they’ve competed against local high schools and colleges such as MIT.

Kiki riding a bike

When I am not puzzling out new coding adventures, you can often find me cruising on two wheels, cooking tasty meals, or just being an INTJ hanging with my furballs at home.